Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Chapter

Hello everyone!

I think my last post was almost a year ago. That's obsurd of me! I can't tell you how sorry I am to have not been posting as frequently as I should. Well, it;s time to start a new chapter in this blog's life.

It pains me to say that I am getting "bored" with Wizard101. It will still be one of my favorite games, but I am not going to only focus on one character. And that character is Brandon LegendBright. I am still going to do some PvP on other characters just to get back in the swing of things. But overall, there won't be a lot of character progression besides Brandon. So, let's start with some progress updates. Brandon is now level 80 and has successfully completed both Zafaria and Avalon. Now, both worlds were pleasing, but I felt that there wasn't a whole bunch of originality in them. They followed the same basic plot that could be due to the fact that they were both released in such a short period of time from one another. However, I thoroughly enjoyed their new creative art styles and I hope that KingsIsle continues with that idea.

On another note, Pirate101 came out yesterday, and you know I logged in at the first chance I got. My main character, Brandon Whitman, is a level four Swashbuckler. I have found out that the Swashbuckler class is more of a dps class. Now I chose to be a Swashbuckler because I am a fencer. Fencing is, well, my life. It only fits that I would be a class that suits my interests.

Pirate101, I feel, will turn out to be a very successful game like Wizard101 is. KingsIsle has executed the new combat system in a user-friendly and superb way. It relies on heavy amounts of strategy which reminds me of a game of chess. The art style is similar to Wizard101 with some glaring differences. One being the characters are more polished and realistic than in Wizard101.

You all can hope to see updates on Pirate101 on this blog and some minor updates on Wizard101. To the prosperous future of Pirate101!

Happy questing =)  

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