Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Chapter

Hello everyone!

I think my last post was almost a year ago. That's obsurd of me! I can't tell you how sorry I am to have not been posting as frequently as I should. Well, it;s time to start a new chapter in this blog's life.

It pains me to say that I am getting "bored" with Wizard101. It will still be one of my favorite games, but I am not going to only focus on one character. And that character is Brandon LegendBright. I am still going to do some PvP on other characters just to get back in the swing of things. But overall, there won't be a lot of character progression besides Brandon. So, let's start with some progress updates. Brandon is now level 80 and has successfully completed both Zafaria and Avalon. Now, both worlds were pleasing, but I felt that there wasn't a whole bunch of originality in them. They followed the same basic plot that could be due to the fact that they were both released in such a short period of time from one another. However, I thoroughly enjoyed their new creative art styles and I hope that KingsIsle continues with that idea.

On another note, Pirate101 came out yesterday, and you know I logged in at the first chance I got. My main character, Brandon Whitman, is a level four Swashbuckler. I have found out that the Swashbuckler class is more of a dps class. Now I chose to be a Swashbuckler because I am a fencer. Fencing is, well, my life. It only fits that I would be a class that suits my interests.

Pirate101, I feel, will turn out to be a very successful game like Wizard101 is. KingsIsle has executed the new combat system in a user-friendly and superb way. It relies on heavy amounts of strategy which reminds me of a game of chess. The art style is similar to Wizard101 with some glaring differences. One being the characters are more polished and realistic than in Wizard101.

You all can hope to see updates on Pirate101 on this blog and some minor updates on Wizard101. To the prosperous future of Pirate101!

Happy questing =)  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hallowe'en and Lots of News

Hello everyone!
I'm terribly sorry about the timing of this post. Work has been keeping me quite busy over the past months. I didn't have a lot of time to get on Wizard101, but I saw a narrow time window during this past weekend to get on and play. As most of you know, Hallowe'en has come to the Spiral yet again! Don't forget to see Jack Hallow in the Commons and Spooky Bob in the Shopping District. Some new pets have come to the Spiral as well. From the ghoulish Ghost Dragon to the spooky Zombie Piggle, you won't have any trouble finding the right pet to complete your haunted house or Hallowe'en costume.

And new to the Crowns Shop is the Nightmare pack! You may get lucky and be rewarded with a rare Nightmare mount. The Hallowe'en towers are also back to Ravenwood. Here is a video of my legendary wizard, Brandon LegendBright, tackleing the towers with the assistance from Stephanie:

Also new to the Crown Shop is the permanent Panther mount! You may have seen this mount as the 15 day version given out by Beckett Magazine. For a limited amount of time, you can buy your very own Panther mount for 10% off it's original price.

Some sad news from the gift card department. The Epic Bundel gift card from Gamestop is being retired on November 7th, 2011. Don't miss out on getting this wonderful gift card before it becomes retired. I will definetly miss that card.

KingsIsle has released three mystery pictures depicting new myster content. All of the pictures will be needed to find out what the mystery content will be.

 I smell a new world is coming out soon... ;)

Two new gift cards have hit the game! The Hawk Rider Bundle, available from Walmart for $29, and the Super Bundle Gift Card, available from Gamestop for $39. Both of these gift cards look amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

The Hawk Rider Bundle come with the Ranger gear, the Nighthawk pet and the High Flying Hawk mount. It also comes with a teleport tapestry and 5000 crowns or a one month subscription.

The Super Bundle gift card comes with the Sun Palace, a two person Rhino mount and a mystery pet. This gift card also comes with a teleport tapestry and a Giant Gorilla that acts much like the Genie in the Sultans Palace. Once a day you can visit the Gorilla and get a mystery gift. The Sun Palace is truely massive. I got lost in it several times while touring through Paige MoonShade's Sun Palace.
Happy questing! =)

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Quick Update From DragonSpyre

Hello everybody!

I have finally found the time to jump on wizard101 and level up some wizards. School is starting up where I live so I hope everyone had an awesome summer. I hope it wasn't as hot for you all as it was for me. But that may be my inner Thamaturge speaking and not the Pyromancer. ;)

Here's a picture of Alex next to Cyrus in DragonSpyre. He's looking spiffy in that armor of his.
So, onto news from DragonSpyre. Alex is now a grandmaster! I started leveling him up in the summer of last year, so I've been leveling him up for a little over a year now. He has taken me the longest time to level up to. I blame that on the low accuracy and decreased health... and also society. Storm is one of my favorite schools to solo on. I can usually get a good hit in in about four to five rounds, provided that the opponant isn't a Myth mob. However, I wouldn't even try to attempt what The Friendly Necromancer has done with his Storm wizard, Angus. I would just about have a meltdown if I went into a dungeon without any gear on. I may do that with a death wizard though. I'll just need to pack a bunch of Scarecrow treasure cards.

Alex is almost finished with DragonSpyre. He is knock knock knocking on Malistaire's door. Stay tuned for a  video of the battle with Malistaire. It may or may not be a solo fight depending on my how much time I have to play.

I have began to quest more on my alternate account. My first project for that account is to get my Fire and Balance wizards to level 28 by next summer. They will be used mainly for PvP and crafting. Speaking of crafting, I have almost completed my Stellar Signet. Those Golden Pearls and Sunstones are tricky reagents. You may be lucky one day and find three of each in the Bazaar, or you could spend several days farming bosses and the Portico for them.

Happy questing! =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

News and Updates

Hello everybody!

I haven't posted in awhile, so here's a long awatied entry. I've been very busy with life and I haven't been able to get on Wizard101 much. As you all know, my death wizard hit Warlord last week. I have decided to wait on PvP until next summer when I have more time to actualy play the game. This will also give me some time to catch up on new things in Wizard101. Who knows, there may be something new and better in PvP in the future.

Wysteria is here! Yesterday, Wysteria was released into the live realm. Wysteria looks like a fun side world. It's a very beautiful world and I would love to have a year to "learn" there. The down side is that this world will be a big challenge for level 25 wizards who go through here. Most of the bosses have over 1,500 health. The bosses in Marleybone have only around 1,200 health. This world is a mild challenge for legendary wizards. The quest line will also take only 2 hours to complete.

Also coming to the Spiral is the Wyverns Hoard! This pack has everything, literaly. With crafted items to new pets. This pack also has gear specializing in PvP, pet energy and healing. You also have a rare chance to get a festive Wyvern mount! The gear doesn't look too appealing, but that's why we have the magic of stiching. This pack contains teleporters in every color. Now you don't need to spend time crafting.

Wizard101 is now coming to China. I may or may not join that BETA testing since I didn't join the UK's BETA testing of Wizard101. Wizard101 gift cards are also coming to Canada.

Happy Questing! =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Advances in the World of PvP

Hey everyone!

So, if you read my "About Me" section on this blog, you will see that my Death wizard doesn't duel. Well, that is in need of inprovement. I have gotten him up to Warlord status and leveled him up to level 26. Adebt PvP is very fun and mildly challenging. You can win pretty easily if you know what you're doing. But if you don't know what you're doing, you can find yourself losing the majority of your matches. Here's a quick picture:

PvP at the Adebt level will get harder as your rank increases. For instance, at Commander, you should expect to see a couple level 50-60 wizards. It is very rare to face a level 60 wizard, however, it isn't uncommon for your opponent to be a level 50-55. Some of the best duels I've been apart of were against level 48 and 52 Life wizards. They had reasonibly high health and healed very often. It was difficult to get a good hit on them, but through my strategic use of Poisons, Skeletal Pirates, and shields I eventualy defeated them. Slow and steady really does win the race... or duel in this case.

As most of you know, the Test Realm is open featuring the new world of Wysteria. I have to say, this world is definetly one of the more beautiful worlds in the Spiral. In the world of Wysteria is Pigswick Academy, a rival school to Ravenwood. We are called to Pigswick Academy to compete in the Spiral Cup Tournament. This tournament is a competition between the schools of the Spiral for the ultimate prize, the Spiral Cup.

The first thing I did when I went into Wysteria is scouting out the competion in the Student Dorm. After that, I went on a tour of the campus. It seems that everyone there will undermine you, including the Headmaster! The staff and students of Pigswick will act superior to you. When you finish the tournament and win the Spiral Cup, then the students and staff of Pigswick will treat you as an equal.

Wysteria has threeareas, Pigswick Academy, Pegasus Place, and Tanglewood way. Each area is very beautiful. Wysteria is based off of an Italian theme in the architecture. There is also a seperate area in the Pigswick Library. It's called the Library Archives. This is an instace, but it isn't a very hard one. There is only one boss in this instance. Once you finish Wysteria, there is a tower in Pegasus Place called the Tower of the Helephant. This tower looks to be difficult, but there is a great guide you can look at on Wizard101 Central.

Happy questing! =)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Waterworks and Questing, Oh Joy!

    Today I have taken a break from farming Waterworks on my Myth wizard to spend some time to level up the other wizards. I must say, farming Waterworks takes a toll on your backpack. I've filled it up to the brim three timed. Each time my backpack started at 24 items and ended at 120 items. I'm surprised it hasn't burst at the seams in the middle of a run. But Waterworks has rewarded me pretty well. I've gotten a bunch of Mega Snacks and the Death, Fire, Myth, and Ice mastery amulets. I'm hoping to get the Myth and/or Life Mastery amulets in future runs. My experiences with Waterworks are not very good. I've farmed Waterworks 18 times on both of my legendary wizards. Each time I learn new things, like using Myth dispels to keep traps on Luska Charmbeak. But, the bosses in Waterworks do not like to drop any of the Myth school gear. But it's always fun to get with your friends and spend time farming for things that are impossible to get.

    Anyway, I've begun to start questing on my Storm wizard, Alex StormBlade, again. I took an extended break from questing on him because I wanted to level up my Myth wizard. I've gotten him past The Grand Chasm and I can't wait to start the Crucible. Here's a picture of Alex getting ready to fight General Firetusk:

And here is a video of the battle that ensued:

 Alex is a level 45 and is close to becoming a level 46. Storm is definetly one of my favorite schools to solo on. It's a big challenge to hold your own when you have 1,900 health and a boss has 4,000+ health. But Storm also has huge power, so that's good.

Happy Questing! =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In The Beginning...

     Well, this is my first post. This  blog will be mainly about Wizard101,  an MMORPG developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. I will post videos of my travels and give you all some insight on what is to come.

Happy Questing! =)